About Us

Our Mission

We provide a supportive and positive learning environment in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Paisal Saelor, DTM

Who We Are

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Founded in October 22, 1924 by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization, has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in speaking in front of an audience.

Our organization has more than 352,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 16,400 clubs in 141 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

The success of Toastmasters International is due in large part to the continued development of its educational programs and to the ways the organization meets the needs of its members through their clubs.

Bangkok Toastmasters Club is the first Club launched in South East Asia, and also the first Toastmasters Club in Thailand. The Club was officially chartered in December 1, 1955 by Mr. A.W. Altken.

The purpose of our Club is to help members achieve their personal growth and self-actualization through the Toastmasters educational program and activities in the most constructive and fun-filled environment.

How does Bangkok Toastmasters Club work?

Our meetings are ” learning-by-doing” workshop style in which members can hone their skills in a safe environment. As members steadily enhance their communication and leadership skills, they begin to feel the difference; their confidence and self-esteem improve. The difference is the growth in who they are and how they think, feel and believe.

Our club currently has about 20 – 30 members who meet weekly to learn and practice the art of public speaking and leadership techniques. The average club meeting lasts approximately two hours.

As a guest, you are welcome to join our regular club meetings to find out whether Toastmasters International program can help you achieve your goals.

As a member, you will have a very thrilling opportunity for personal growth with the Pathways Program. It is tailored to an individual’s needs and goals and will enable our members to develop 300 different skills that can be applied to the world outside Toastmasters. The speech evaluations are more rigorous relative to the ones offered through our legacy educational program. The new evaluations allow speakers to benefit from more specific and useful feedback.

The Executive Committee


Name Email Telephone
Paisal, DTM loveradiator@yahoo.com 081-622-0948
Arun, DTM arun52_lip@yahoo.com 089-882-7427
Arnie, DTM arnyaniel@gmail.com 084-356-5465


Position Name Telephone
President Matt, CC 083-007-7696
VP-Education Linda, ACS 082-345-8655
VP-Membership Piyatida, TM 083-318-6665
VP-PR Lothar, TM 098-554-1722
Secretary Arun, DTM 089-882-7427
Sergeant At Arms Pichaya, TM 081-441-2447
Treasurer Nuch, DTM 081-801-4864
Immediate Past President Arnie, DTM 084-356-5465

We proudly list the name of the past club Presidents since 1955.

April October
1955 A. W. Aitkin ( Founder )
1956 S.T. Vogt A. L. Peter Jr.
1957 Samak Viravaidya  Lert Srichandra
1958 Prasert Subhamatra N. H. Ball
1959 G. M. Noan Swai Habanananda
1960 H.H. Prince Karawik Chakrabandhu Owart Suthiwartnaruepat
1961 D. S. Sian Kanok Pranich
1962 John C. Chandler Yukta Na Talang
1963 Somphon Wichittrakorn J.P.A. Linck
1964 F.M. Evers, Oct.'64 D.S. Goss R.T. Whistler
1965 B.F. Siam Walla J. G. Padhye
1966 D. R. Puri, ATM Suthep Chavanaviraj
1967 Prof. Rex W. Benn B. S. Phool
1968 John T. Corson Frederick C. Desouza

Changed to new system

January July
1969 Capt. Sombat Khuptawathin R.T.N.
1970 Edward J. Perkins Banphot Aphasaranon
1971 George Olson Jr., ATM Denis Lloyd
1972 Sumuel Taylor S. Wiswanath
1973 Maurich Ferdinando, ATM Thaweesak Wichianpreecha, DTM
1974 R.S. Kalra, Jul.'74 Eddie Schodt S. Wiswanath
1975 J. F. P. Kreuze V. M. Bhatt
1976 N.V. Narain Somlak Siripraiwan
1977 Somphorn Virojanadul Mart Subhassiriwat
1978 Somboon Duangsamosorn Helga Duangsamosorn
1979 Chower Narula Thewatchai Vongsirimongkol
1980 S. K. Pawa Wuthiwat Arttachariya
1981 Sam Ekachote S. K. Pawa
1982 Pritam Karess Somsak Sirpraiwan
1983 Thawee Sirichan Phairaj Laohaphan
1984 Vasana Lomethong Mongkon Ujjin
1985 Surabhon Kwunchaithunyatt Setthaporn Cusripituck
1986 Yuth Vorachattarn Raminder J. K. Singh
1987 Joseph Mak Jatuporn khanthapura
1988 Vichai Pannoi Sumalee Chotipimai
1989 Jatuporn khanthapura Rajawadee Singh
1990 Montri Saeng-Uraiporn Suree Saeng-Uraiporn
1991 Vichai Thosuwanchinda Viswanath Bajaj
1992 Surin Suwanwongkij Surin Suwanwongkij
1993 Rujee Tojamreorn Paisal Sae-Lor, DTM
1994 Paisal Sae-Lor, DTM Sa-Ngob Nakapanchai
1995 Chettha Kitbancha,CTM Dr. Kriengsak Charoenwongsak
1996 Arun Lipirujatum,CTM Chettha Kitbancha,CTM
1997 Albert M. Hutapia, ATMB Albert M. Hutapia, ATMB
1998 Surasak Tarapatn Chaiyong Chareonmong,CTM
1999 Pornpimon Petcharakul, CTM Francis P. F. Lai, ATMB
2000 Kong Rookkapibal,CTM Wipa Techa-anusorm,CTM
2001 Richard Lam,CTM Kongkiat Teekamongkol, CTM
2002 Arun Lipirujatum, CTM/CL Terasak Chua, CTM
2003 Nop Sivarak, CTM/CL Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong, CTM
2004 Dr. Rangsima Lolekha, CTM/CL Pachongsak Padamasankh,ATMB/CL
2005 Kulrat Vongdhnakamhaeng, ATMB Chanansara Oranop Na Ayutthaya,CTM
2006 Wipa Techa-anusorn, ATMB Mek Meksarekul, CTM
2007 Mek Meksarekul, CTM Jen Lomethong, CTM
2008 Arun Lipirujatum, ATMB/CL Mek Meksarekul, CTM,CL
2009 Attachai Sachathamakul,CC Arnulfo Somido Aniel,CC 
2010 Jen Lomethong, ACS/CL Pakpoom Sirihongthong,CC
2011 Suphapchai Pawnsirattanarak,CC Janat Ruby Blackmon, ACB / ALB
2012 Bawk Tawng Nhkum,CC Pachongsak Padamasankh, ATMB/CL
2013 Sawarut Noppawong Na Ayudhya, CC Suwit Chayabunjonglerd,CC
2014 Ikeda Hiromichi, CC Onnipha Carroll,CC 
2015 Kasamon Pilantanadilok,CC Jinda Teerabulkul, CC
2016 Goustan Bodin,CC Erlinda C. Agayan, CC
2017  Rattanakorn Rattanachevorn, ACB Ajjima Arpanan, CC
2018 Erlinda C. Agayan, ACS/AL Arnulfo Somido Aniel, DTM