The theme for the month of June is Intrapersonal Intelligence. We reflected on how we can become self smart and improve our interpersonal intelligence by combating self-doubt and increasing our professional confidence.

Nongporn (Liew), our first time Toastmasters of the Day, served as the overall entertaining host who perfectly held the meeting together. We had 2 speakers: Competent Communicator Gina who delivered her Pathways level 1 project 1 icebreaker speech, entitled “What makes me me.” She took us on the emotional roller coaster and how she emerged stronger by following the last light of her passion.

Lothar, our 2nd speaker delivered his Pathways level 5 project 1 speech, entitled “7 life principles for highly effective Toastmasters” in which he invited us to travel with him on his journey towards becoming an effective toastmaster. The 7 principles he recommended were: think long-term, nothing is for free, look for meaning, get to know yourself, good manner, be gentle to yourself and build relationships.

DTM Vishwanath served as the Table Topics Master. His Topics questions helped us to become more aware of ourselves and how we interacted and communicated to ourselves. For example, he asked his Topics responses how to develop gratitude, how to overcome their fear or self-doubt.

The meeting was concluded on a high note with the acknowledgement of members’ achievements: best speaker – Lothar, best Topics respondent – Benedict, and best evaluator – Matt.

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