At Toastmasters we learn and think in 3 ways: by seeing (visual spatial), hearing (auditory), or doing (kinesthetic). Understanding the different types of learners and thinkers and making concession for their learning and thinking styles help you improve your communication. Adjust the way you deliver your speeches that relate to your audience will help improve the results.

If you are looking to develop and improve your public speaking, communication and leadership skills, Bangkok Toastmasters Club has transitioned to online club meetings during this unprecedented time when most of us find ourselves at home much more than we are accustomed to. This has presented a unique opportunity to grow certain skills that you may want to improve upon.

We can help you build your skills in a supportive, self-paced environment. All you will need to join our meetings is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a microphone and camera.

Our next online meeting will be on Monday, April 20 from 18:15 to 20:30. Join us!

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