The theme of last Monday’s meeting was “spatial intelligence.” Rattanakorn, our Toastmasters of the Day acted as a genial host and conducted the entire program, including introducing visiting Toastmasters and visitors. The Toastmaster created an atmosphere of interest, expectation, and receptivity.

Matt gave us tips on how to look better during zoom video call. To ensure that you have the camera at eye level, try putting a smiley face on your laptop lid behind the webcam to help you stay focused.

DTM Arnie, as Topics Master, ask the Topics speakers to tell stories, using 3 random words:

Cat, Window, toothbrush

Mango, ,mobile phone and bedsheet

Dentist, microphone, alcohol

Truck, baby and mirror

Swimming pool, calculator and picture frame.

Antonia, a visiting Toastmasters from Shilling Speaker Toastmasters Club in London served as the Table Topics Evaluator. We learned a lot from the feedback that she provided.

The first speech was by Vinny, who delivered his Level 1 Project 2, entitled “Five Tips to Enhance Positivity” He informed us how he enhanced his positive attitude during lockdown.

June delivered the same project with a speech, entitled “Lessons from a Cup.” She told us how to practice mindfulness as.nothing is certain.

Lester, our visiting Toastmasters from PIM Toastmasters Club delivered his advanced project on interpretative reading, entitled “Yes, Make Coronavirus Jokes” an article by Tom McTaque (the Atlantic April 3, 2020)

Well done to all of the speakers both on content and delivery. We look forward to your future speeches.

Our evaluation was led by DTM Paisal. He bought together the evaluation team, made up of: Antonia, Liew, Vishwanath, Linda, Lothar as the timer.

The evening was concluded with an award ceremony:

Best Topic Speaker: Gina

Best Speaker: June

Best Evaluator: Linda

A big thank you to our visitors for being present. A few of the visitors have been to our meeting before* but there are a few new faces that we welcome with open arms ;-). See below so you are not kept in the dark:

Antonia from Shilling Toastmasters Club, Lester from PIM Toastmasters Club, Gina our returning Toastmaster.

Rattanakorn handed over the meeting to club President Linda and the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, April 13, 2020.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Nuchanath Aumpradithpun, DTM


Bangkok Toastmasters Club





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