Most people have new year’s resolution and new plans that they want to fulfill this new year 2020. We all have ” I will do this and that”, I will be better on this or I will improve myself on something.” Our hearts and minds work together and look forward to a better version of ourselves. I think it won’t be a “new self,” but a better self.”

We now have to have a plan because in order to get to Better Self, there must be some change. What will that change be? We break it down. Our club’s focus for the next six months will be on increased intelligence. Here are our six monthly themes proposed by our new Executive Committee and supported by our Vice President Education, Lothar:

January – emotional intelligence, increasing self-awareness and perspective giving and taking.

February – body kinetic, coordinating your mind with your body.

March – artificial intelligence.

April – spatial intelligence, visualizing the world in 3D.

May – intelligence quotient (IQ), focusing on logical intelligence.

June – intra-personal intelligence, understanding self.

Meeting Reflection:

Meeting # 2911 on January 6th: what a fabulous Toastmasters evening with Toastmasters of the Day, Lothar, and his magical theme: Emotional Intelligence. The meeting filled up with 27 members and guests with 3 inspiring speeches from Patrick, Laurene and Ratanakorn. Patrick shared his story how he planed to achieve his New Year’s resolutions. Laurene gave a beautiful speech on the Spirit of the Humming Bird and how we can better manage our carbon footprints. Rattanakorn, who has recently returned to Bangkok to visit his family during his PhD study break, shared his work experience as a School Psychology Intern at the university where he is studying in the USA. He not only captivated every single audience,  but also made us flummoxed and speechless.

As always, Arnie conducted his table topics session like a pro. Andrew, Ajjima and Aof who served as personal evaluators for the three speakers were super fun and charming.

Congratulations to Laurene for being the best prepared speech speaker, to June for being the best table topics speaker and to Andrew for being the best personal evaluator.

Meeting #2912 January 13th: another successful club meeting, with Aof as the Toastmasters of the Day. The Word of the Day “Awesome” was used throughout the evening. There were four excellent speeches: The first was from Jakkapan who delivered his icebreaker speech on Lucky Guy. The second was Danny who spoke about How Not to Die for his Level 1 project 3. He shared his experience as a personal trainer and how sauna could help increase protein in our body. The third, from Liew, was about his primary communication style. The forth, from Pop, was on the animated games, showing how he became addicted to video games.

Aim, as Table Topics Master, asked us 6 questions on EQ: What do you like about yourself? What emotion is hardest to deal with? Tell us about one emotion that you have never experienced before. Tell us about one event in your childhood that had tremendous impact on you. What is one item that represents your identity? and finally, What emotion that you would like to push away permanently?

Club Awards:

Best prepared speech speaker: Danny.

Best Table Topics speaker: Immy

Best personal evaluator: Matt



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