November 25, 2019 – The theme for November was “Naughty November,” It is the month of Thanksgiving, Saint Martin, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Sunday, All Saints, and many others. No idea why we went with Naughty – I guess it just flows nicely with November.

After our president Matt  kicked off the meeting in his usual suave fashion, we proceeded without further ado.

The word for the evening was ambivalent introduced by Immy.

We had four speakers: Camille delivered her icebreaker speech entitled “Breaking Barriers.” She relayed the truth of her life up to that point in a manner such that her story was spoken with sentences that were short yet eluded to much more. She was followed by Andrew, who spoke on “Don’t Just Say, Invest,” told us how to beat inflation with investments in stock speculations. Nam, our third speaker, in her speech “Find My Voice,” talked about how she stopped her shaky voice when nervous and hosted her own YouTube audio talk. We were all very impressed with her calm demeanor. Our interesting speaker Lieu, whose speech entitled “Spiritual Detox,” used the Toastmasters platform to practice her radio talk show.

Ajjima, our Toastmaster of the evening ensured that the meeting ran on time, She was to be commended here.

Table topics were led by Ou and she very quickly proved herself to be a twisted Topic Master with her creative Topics questions.

Matt led the evaluators. He was joined by Aim who gave feedback on the Topic Master and the respondents. All of the evaluators: Patrick, Lothar, Oof and Arnie gave very good and constructive evaluations.

Nam won the award as best speaker, while Lothar as the best evaluator.

That brought a very fun meeting to a close. All of you who did not join us missed out! Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 2nd.

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