The theme for May 2019 is growth. It’s so spot on, as District 97P Toastmasters strives  to become a fully fledged district. This requires a minimum of 60 Toastmasters clubs by 2020.

District 97P has achieved its President’s Distinguished status for its progress in the Distinguished Club Program 2018/2019. To become a fully fledged District, we set certain targets for our District at the beginning of the Toastmasters year. We set a goal of 60 clubs (we currently have 45 clubs) and about 2,400 members (currently we have 2,032 members). With 10 or so new clubs in the pipeline, the District is expected to achieve its Smedley Distinguished Award by end of June 2019. Yet, we must not be complacent. There are many more things to do to reach our growth targets.

Here at Bangkok Toastmasters Club, we help our members improve their skills, and hopefully, advance their careers. To ensure that new members have a good club experience, we create “a mentoring mindset” where it’s expected that new members will be assigned a mentor shortly after joining, and then mentor others as they get up to speed. Bangkok Toastmasters Club is the only club within District 97P that has produced public speaking champions. We’re also recognized as a President’s Distinguished Club for the past 64 consecutive years by Toastmasters International. In addition, we are known to be one of a few clubs that boosts our membership by hosting monthly workshops to enhance Toastmasters awareness. Our meeting programs  are creative and designed to deliver value for money, while providing inspiration to our guests.

A case in point was our meeting # 2884 on May 13th. The Word of the Day was “develop,” proposed by Arnie. I think this is very fitting, as the District’s mission is to become a full fledged district by 2020 – the benchmark for excellence in action.

Lothar added spice and flavor to his Table Topics by asking variety of creative questions, for example, imagine living before electricity, explained to us how internet worked? If you were God for one day, what would you do? As a world leader, you were given the first mission to go to Mars. What would you say to your loved ones and families?

We had 2 prepared speeches that evening: Piyatida delivered her informative speech from the Pathways level 2 speech 3 manual, entitled “GTF” (Gluten Free). We learned that one of the most popular frozen novelties, ice cream sandwiches, has poised a challenge to those who need to be gluten free in that most of the sandwich cookies on the market contain wheat which contain gluten. Marisu was the second speaker, who delivered her level 1 speech 1 icebreaker project: “Consume Before 30.” She recounted the story of herself through the lens of things she plans to do before she reaches 30.

The prepared speech session was followed by evaluation. Arnie and Yongyut who served as the Personal Evaluators, provided constructive, yet encouraging feedback to the speakers.

The well attended session was moderated by Nuchanath as Toastmasters of the Day who ensured that the meeting program ran smoothly, while keeping the audience engaged.

Join now or visit us! To find out more about Bangkok Toastmasters Club drop in to Tawana Hotel for our next meeting or contact us. Meetings are held every Monday of the month (except on bank holidays), start at 6:15 pn and we welcome all visitors.

By Nuch Aumpradithpun DTM

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