Globalization makes the world smaller! People all over the world are just close neighbors—particularly the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) wherein Toastmasters District 97P existing. The Art of Effective Oral Communication is the most effective means to facilitate communication and collaboration between people of diverse cultures, nationalities, etc.  Any regional conglomeration won’t go far if their counterparts do not associate understandably with trust and camaraderie. Thus, the timely Toastmasters Educational Programs can undoubtedly suit the need of most of the peoples in this global community. Non-Toastmasters:  Most people visit a Toastmasters Club for the first time to sort out how to get rid of fear in public speaking and become a better speaker rather than how to become a self-made leader.  This is the reason why ‘building confidence’ is our first objective and ‘mastering communication skill’ our primary goal.  The Toastmasters Regular Meetings provide the best opportunity for all members to practice on, for example, self-introduction, off-the-cuff speaking, and speech evaluation in the most constructive environment.  Most members will express themselves more confidently after each stage performance—including delivery of speeches from simple to complicated subjects at their own choice of topic according to the objectives of each Manual Project.  Some Toastmasters Members leave their Club after having fulfilled their personal pursuit of being a better speaker. For Toastmasters: We devoted ourselves to further helping Toastmasters foster a constructive learning environment for coming successors—which is the first milestone for non-profit service leadership.  We do not only talk the talk but also walk the walk as a role model for today and tomorrow leaders.   Let’s avoid being a conceited haranguer in time of a crisis, but be composed and speak eloquently to promote teamwork excellence for the common good.  I hereby offer a few Dos and Don’ts as a reminder when we are serving as leaders out of our comfort zone:

Toastmasters Meetings are therefore the best arena for YOU. Confidence is the BASIC VALUE of great Leaders

About the Author

About the Author

Paisal Saelor


Paisal Sae Lor, Distinguished Toastmasters, founded a few companies from scratch and was also a private consultant.  He retired at the age of 47, three years earlier than he had planned when beginning his business.  He practices building golden tanks to balance his life between social and family, money and happiness, physical and mental environments.  The Toastmasters movement has become his business since 1992 and Meditation his final tool toward inner peace.

Paisal Sae Lor, DTM, joined the Bangkok Toastmasters Club in 1992 and was the two-term Club President in 1993.  Served as the Club Honorary Adviser since 1994, he was the 1997-1998 Division T Governor for Hong Kong and Thailand.  In 1998, he was appointed the Organizing Chair of District 51, overseeing the 7th Semi-Annual Convention in Bangkok. He was awarded Division T Toastmaster of the Year.  He was awarded District 51 Governor’s Citation, and the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation, USA in 2002.  In 2005, he was awarded District 80 Toastmaster of the Year and Chief Adviser of District 80 First Semi-Annual Convention.

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